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Join Us for the AFI 2015 "Make A Miracle" Conference 
Hosted by AFI and University of British Columbia

Aniridia Foundation International is pleased to announce our 2015 “Make a Miracle” conference, which will be taking place August 12th – 15th in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our venue hosts are the University of British Columbia Department of Ophthalmology and Eye Care Centre.  

This unique conference brings together physicians, researchers, individuals with aniridia and their families to work as a team in investigating, sharing, and learning about the medical and scientific latest findings of aniridia syndrome. There will be technical sessions for physicians and researchers only, and other sessions will be focused towards the aniridia community. Then as true to our last eight “Make a Miracle” conferences, there will be “life changing sessions” where physicians, researchers, those with aniridia and their families learn from each other and brainstorm for advancements. We hope you will join us….working together towards better treatments and a cure…we can make a difference in many lives. 

The Make a Miracle FINAL PROGRAM will have all times, locations, etc and will be part of the materials you will receive at the conference check in on August 12th from 5-9 pm. CLICK HERE for an idea of the presentations and events to look forward to.

Professional’s registration is now CLOSED  
If you are a physician or researcher (or one of their graduate students), and would like to register for this conference, please use our website contact form to let us know. We will E-mail you the professionals meeting brochure with the details for registering and more. Please give us your name, university or facility affiliation, E-mail, and phone.

There will be a poster session for the professionals where a winner will be chosen and a prize will be awarded ($400 value). If you wish to register to attend and submit a poster, CLICK HERE for more information. 

AFI MEMBER REGISTRATION opened in April - all active members (as of April 1st) were sent a personal invitation and registration packet. Although MEMBER DISCOUNTED PRIORITY registration ends on May 22nd (midnight PST), all members may continue to register as per the directions in their packets.

Public registration is now CLOSED
Due to the Memorial Day extended weekend, we are opening the PUBLIC registration now. Registration is first come, first serve until venue space is filled or conference registration deadline (June 24th) whichever comes first. So register today!

Public Conference Registration Form PDF
(Please note: Download PDF on your computer and fill out using Acrobat Reader.)

All registration funds must be in US Dollars.

Thank you to our conference sponsors!