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Thank you for supporting the AFI 2015 
"Make A Miracle" Conference Hosted by 
AFI and University of British Columbia

Aniridia Foundation International hosted the 2015 
“Make a Miracle” conference, on August 12th – 15th, 2015 in 
Vancouver, British Columbia. Our venue hosts were the University 
of British Columbia Department of Ophthalmology and Eye Care Centre.  

This unique conference brought together physicians, researchers, individuals with aniridia and their families to work as a team in investigating, sharing, and learning about the medical and scientific latest findings of aniridia syndrome. There were technical sessions for physicians and researchers only, and other sessions focused towards the aniridia community. Then as true to our last eight “Make a Miracle” conferences, there were “life changing sessions” where physicians, researchers, those with aniridia and their families learned from each other and brainstormed for advancements. 

Visit again soon to see a summary of our 2015 conference activities.

Thank you to our conference sponsors!

Charlottesville Host Lions Club 
14th Annual Golf Tournament 

Saturday, September 26, 2015
Proceeds donated to Aniridia Foundation International 
and the Lions Club

For years AFI has spoken of Lions clubs worldwide as being supportive of the visually impaired, ever since Helen Keller in 1925 asked them to be the “knights of darkness.” Many AFI officers or members are Lions, Lioness or Leo’s themselves giving back to their community helping the blind and visually impaired.  

This year the Charlottesville Host Lions Club hosted their 14th annual golf tournament with proceeds going to Aniridia Foundation International and the Lions Club.